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Find out why we do what we do and who we are

Our Story

Whelp is a technical support company; we help people with all kinds of technology related questions and problems they are facing. We offer this tech support wherever and whenever the client desires, in order to offer an optimal service.

Whelp’s reasons of existence comes from two observations: 1. We live in an every increasingly digital world where everything is connected to to the internet and more and more devices exist that need technological support. And 2. a lot of people can not follow with this evolution, are left behind, increasing the digital divide, and thus can not reap the benefits of this.

At Whelp we tackle these issues through various services we offer. During the last months of the Summer of 2017 we started of by offering cheap and affordable IT support at home. We soon realized that people not only want their IT problems fixed, but also their digital questions answered. So in Autumn 2017 we added private IT lessons and digital workshops to our portfolio. And a few months ago we added iPhone screen repairs to our services after receiving request for this on an almost daily basis from our clients.

Our Mission

Currently the market for IT support is very fragmented, which makes it expensive and difficult for people to find IT support. We want everybody to have an easy and affordable access to technology support, lessons and workshops.

By doing this we want everybody to be able to solve their IT problems and questions without any hassle to help close the digital divide and make sure that everybody can reap the benefits of the technological advancements we have made and are making

Why Whelp?

The name Whelp was invented by one of the founder’s younger brother, Mathias Joris, while he was interning at Whelp. The name has two meanings; Firstly and most obviously the name comes from “We help”, we want to help you with all your questions and problems. Secondly the name also derives from us being a young company, with still a lot of room to grow.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Whelp

William Bordes
Thomas Joris

Co-Founder – Leads Marketing, Sales FR, Product Management and Finance. William is a French native from Paris with 18 years of experience in business consulting and senior management working in large corporations

Co-Founder – Leads Operations, Sales NL, Recruitment and Legal. Thomas was born and raised in Antwerp but after graduating moved to Berlin for a few years to gain experience in startups and entrepreneurship. 

Pictures coming soon – All our Whelpers have an IT background and come from all corners of Belgium

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